• Position Title:

    Vice President, Exploration

  • Department:

    Technical Services/Exploration

  • Company/Location:

    Silvercorp Metals Inc., Vancouver

  • Reports to:


Silvercorp is seeking a VP Exploration. Silvercorp’s business strategy is to 1) Maintain steady production at existing operations, 2) Grow existing assets organically through drilling, 3) Acquire projects that can generate annual cash flows of >$50M with reasonable capital, and 4) Invest in and incubate discovery opportunities.


As a leader of the exploration team and reporting to the CEO, you will be responsible to successfully manage all the above aspects of the Company’s business strategy related to exploration and build a resilient exploration team.  You will be required to continuously refine position clarifications for the exploration team, recruit and select new talent based on merit, design and set out objectives, establish/improve protocols and standards, and to refine performance assessments and reward systems for the team.


You should have extensive knowledge of exploration in the mining industry and have professional technical knowledge and qualifications.  The requirements for your professional skills include ability of systematic data collection, analysis, resource estimation, and reporting. Your leadership skills should be able to lift company’s productivity by making work plans and integrating efforts from multiple teams and from multiple cultures.


Your experience requirements:

  • Introduced a new project to an organization
  • Established a new opportunity or project, or exploration activities in a new region
  • Helped merge with or acquired other company
  • Successfully reached an agreement on a particular material contract
  • Successfully dealt with a project that has changed your company
  • Successfully settled a major outstanding issue or challenge for your company

Your personality characteristics include a motivation for achievement, influence and relationship building, and you should have a sense of responsibility, a sense of perspective and the big-picture, and learning agility.  Be self-driven and take initiative.

This position will be based in the Vancouver head office and may require extensive time traveling due to the nature of the business.

Total compensation (salary+option etc) for the successful candidate could exceed C$500,000.


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Silvercorp offers competitive remuneration package and growth opportunity within a dynamic environment. If this sounds like a great fit for you, please click on submit your cover letter and resume to


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