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The Enterprise Blog is an internal integrated digital platform that has revolutionized data management within the Company's mining operations and corporate offices. Its innovative features include streamlined data collection, distribution, retrieval, and monitoring, which provide a comprehensive solution to business needs.


In the mining environment, the Enterprise Blog assigns a unique name, known as a "blog," to each mining stope, development face, or piece of equipment. This naming system ensures that responsible frontline engineers and/or technicians publish daily onsite inspection results in a structured and consistent manner. The resulting data is presented in a formatted "check-list table," which contains relevant information and supporting photos that are directly and immediately accessible by the management team. This critical tool enables managers to make informed decisions quickly, even in a dynamic operational environment.


One of the most significant benefits of the Enterprise Blog is the enhancement of intra-company knowledge sharing and transparency. It allows collaborations to be easy and each person accountable for their work. This feature ensures that everyone has access to critical information and helps to prevent misunderstandings and miscommunication within the organization. The system's success is evident in its contribution to the improved silver, lead, and zinc head grades over consecutive quarters since its implementation in August 2015.


The Enterprise Blog's innovative features are not limited to mining operations. It has also been successfully integrated into the corporate offices, where it has streamlined the data management process. The system ensures that data is efficiently collected, shared, and accessible to all stakeholders, promoting better decision-making and improved performance.


The Enterprise Blog system is a testament to Silvercorp's commitment to innovation in the mining industry. By introducing this digital platform, the company has demonstrated its willingness to adopt new technologies that streamline data management, enhance intra-company knowledge sharing, and improve overall performance.

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