At Silvercorp, we seek to build lasting relationships with all stakeholders and are driven by our company values of respect, equality, and responsibility. We recognize that building an inclusive workplace means providing equal opportunities and safe working environments, as well as cultivating and maintaining a company culture based on fairness and respect. We are committed to implementing such values and opportunities company-wide and within our communities, for doing so will not only make us a better company but will also help us retain and attract the best workforce possible and create lasting sustainable value where we work and live.


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Human Rights & Ethics

The following policies and statement illustrate our companywide commitment to respecting the human rights of all stakeholders impacted by our business and operations. In February 2023, Silvercorp’s board of directors updated our Human Rights Policy to further affirm our commitment to the protection of human rights.


Human Rights Statement

Silvercorp is committed to supporting the human rights of our employees, local community members and all other stakeholders affected by our operations. We do not tolerate human rights abuses throughout any of our business activities, including child labor or forced labor of any kind. We strive to comply with all applicable regulations and laws and endeavour to act in accordance with the International Bill of Human Rights, the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, and the UN Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights. All Silvercorp employees are expected to uphold and respect the human rights of others, including but not limited to complying with our Human Rights Policy and other Company policies and procedures.


Our commitment to operating an ethical company free of corruption and bribery is outlined in the following policies:

  • Code of Ethics Policy

  • Anti-Corruption Policy

  • Whistleblower Policy

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Women in Mining in China

Health & Safety

As a responsible miner, we believe that it is our duty to provide a safe environment for all workers, contractors, and stakeholders. Through extensive training, strong management, and innovative technology, we have created a company culture centered around our Health and Safety Policy set on minimizing the potential risks associated with our business.


Our approach to health and safety is prevention-focused; we establish comprehensive rules and regulations, define responsibilities, and implement strict operating procedures to eliminate hazards in our facilities to mitigate potential accidents. Our Eblog App also plays an important role in our prevention-focused approach as it assists in the identification, detection, and elimination of hazards, the on-site management of production safety, and the supervision and evaluation of safety personnel.


Dual Prevention Mechanism

The dual prevention mechanism serves as a firewall against safety accidents by assisting in the classification of potential risks and hazards and the simplification of risk management. Risk classification is the foundation for the investigation and management of hazards. By identifying risks early, it allows us to eliminate, reduce, and or control risks at the source and even decrease the probability of them occurring, and the severity of their consequences. Hazard investigation and management takes our risk assessment even further by detecting the failures, defects, or deficiencies in our control measures, and allows for timely corrective measures. The mechanism sets up a working group to plan and coordinate its operation and enables automatic early warning by linking the facility operations database, the work activities database, and the corporate risk database with the results of routine hazard inspections using the Eblog App. The processes of risk classification and hazard investigation and management are thus recorded in their entirety.


We are, and have always been, committed to standardizing production safety management in our operations. As a result, our subsidiary, Henan Found, which operates the Ying Mining District has been named a Model Enterprise for its Dual Prevention Mechanism in Henan Province.



We systematically identify and classify the risks at the source to keep all risks within an acceptable range and prevent and reduce safety hazards.



Through investigation and management, we detect the deficiencies, defects, and failures in the process of risk control to eliminate hazards before they occur.

Tripartite Safety Confirmation System

The tripartite safety confirmation system is a comprehensive safety supervision and inspection system created by Henan Found. Prior to any mine work commencing, the safety of the operation is confirmed by three individuals, (1) a Henan Found representative such as a mining engineer, (2) the Contractor Manager, and (3) a mining crew team leader. Once all three parties have conducted their inspection, the safety of the facilities is then confirmed in the presence of all three parties and work can commence. If any safety risks or deficiencies are identified, they are dealt with immediately and the safety of the operations must be confirmed by the three parties once again. By implementing this system, the safety of our operations can be guaranteed, and we can reduce the risks associated with mining activities.


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Our People

At Silvercorp, we believe our people are our greatest asset. We strive to create a safe, diverse, and inclusive space for all our workforce and aim to be an employer that attracts and retains the best workforce possible.


To do this, we focus on four things:

1. Creating a health and safety culture

2. Investing in our employees through training

3. Respecting and upholding labour rights and promoting best practices

4. Creating a safe, diverse, and inclusive workplace for all


In 2022, our board of directors adopted the below Diversity and Inclusion statement in an effort to further affirm our commitment to creating a safe, inclusive, and equal workplace free of discrimination.


Diversity and Inclusion Statement

At Silvercorp, we strive to integrate diversity and inclusion into all aspects of the Company and are committed to building a safe and inclusive space for all. Our core values of, Respect, Equality, and Responsibility, guide our efforts and are at the forefront of our decision-making across all levels. We value diversity and are dedicated to the equitable treatment of all persons regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability, age, culture, or sexual orientation. We recognize that building an inclusive workplace means providing equal opportunities and safe working environments, as well as cultivating and maintaining a Company culture based on fairness and respect. We are committed to implementing such values and opportunities Company-wide and aspire to eliminate the barriers that interfere with such opportunities. Ultimately, we believe our people are our greatest asset, and our commitment to integrating diversity and inclusion will not only make us a better Company but will also help us retain and attract the best workforce possible.


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Our Community

Throughout their lifecycles, mining operations have the potential to impact local/surrounding communities in both positive and negative ways. As a responsible mining company, we believe that through the implementation of strong community relations programs with an emphasis on communication, we can limit our impact on the surrounding communities and contribute positively to the sustainable development of the places in which we live and operate. Through collaboration with local and national governments, organizations, and stakeholders, we strive to create impactful and sustainable change and persisting relationships that will last beyond the life of our mines. Our company values, respect, equality, and responsibility, guide our efforts and are engrained in our approach to community relations.


At both operations, we have implemented feedback/grievance hotlines in order to help us better understand our impact on our communities as well as to provide a way for our community members to express their concerns and ideas. In case of any dispute that involves both parties, immediate actions are taken to facilitate prompt resolution under the supervision of the local government and villagers’ autonomous organizations. At both of our operations, the Public Relations team are responsible for managing the grievance lines; in fiscal 2023, no grievances were received.


For more information on our approach to community relations, click here.


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