DCG Mine (Ying Mining District)




  • Development project ~2.7 km northwest of TLP
  • Operates under the Dongcaogau Mining License
  • Owned 77.5% by Silvercorp
  • Development activities underway include a ~1.8 km long haulage ramp connecting DCG and TLP
  • Mineral reserves first declared in September 2022


Mine Type Ramp and shaft supported underground
Mining Method Re-suing and shrinkage
Reserve tonnage 1 210 kt
Reserve grades 1 3.25 g/t gold
91 g/t silver
1.67% lead
0.20% zinc
% of Ying’s LOM ore production 2%
Primary metal Silver
By-product metals Lead, zinc, gold

1 Mineral reserves estimate as of December 31, 2021.

Exploration and Geology

Recent Work/ Highlights

Silvercorp completed 29,010 m of drilling in 207 diamond drill holes at DCG from March 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021.

High-grade intercepts of gold vein C9:

  • Hole ZKDB51BC902 intersected a 3.57 m interval (3.28 m true width) grading 7.17 g/t gold and 15 g/t silver from 81.99 m depth, at an elevation of 816 m.
  • Hole ZKDB51C903 intersected a 7.17 m interval (5.74 m true width) grading 2.92 g/t gold and 4 g/t silver from 74.54 m depth, at an elevation of 812 m, which includes a 1.39 m interval (1.12 m true width) grading 8.93 g/t gold and 9 g/t silver from 74.54 m depth, at an elevation of 812 m.


Intercepts of the newly discovered gold vein C76:

  • Hole ZK400AC7601 intersected a 1.67 m interval (1.51 m true width) grading 1.14 g/t gold and 25 g/t silver from 50.10 m depth, at an elevation of 834 m.
  • Hole ZK401BC802 intersected a 0.73 m interval (0.70 m true width) grading 1.67 g/t gold and 9 g/t silver from 62.95 m depth, at an elevation of 807 m.


High-grade intercepts of silver-lead-zinc veins within the resource area:

  • Hole ZK03AC705 intersected a 1.02 m interval (0.98 m true width) of vein C7 grading 620 g/t silver and 0.90% lead from 205.57 m depth, at an elevation of 782 m.
  • Hole ZK03C8_202 intersected a 0.66 m interval (0.63 m true width) of newly discovered vein L1 grading 750 g/t silver6.10% lead and 1.55 g/t gold from 84.69 m depth, at an elevation of 849 m.
DCG Mineralization Wireframe

Geological Background

Mineralization at DCG is currently defined in four veins. The largest vein, C4E, contains about 64% of DCG’s current mineral resources. Sampling in workings along vein structures indicates that from 18% to 35% or more of the vein material is mineralized, ranging from 0.30 m to 1.25 m in widths, averaging 0.61 m. The veins occur in relatively permeable northeast striking fault-fissure zones and are oxidized from the surface to depths of about 50 m. Weak silver-lead mineralization at surface was exposed by trenches at around 200 m interval. The grade improves with depth.


Dominant sulphides are galena, typically comprising a few percent to 10% of the vein, together with a few percent sphalerite and pyrite and minor argentite. Minerals occur in narrow massive bands, veinlets or as disseminations in gangues. The typical silver grade ranges between 20 and 285 g/t and can be as high as 2,000 g/t. Gold mineralization has been discovered in some samples, but more work is needed to reveal the distribution of gold at DCG.


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